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Funny SEO Jokes

Funny SEO Jokes

Tweetable SEO Jokes

Tweet SEO Joke 1
The biggest SEO problem with trampoline websites is the high user bounce rate!

High User Bounce Rate SEO Joke

High User Bounce Rate SEO Joke

Tweet SEO Joke 2
How does Google decide which websites to hit hardest with the Penguin updates?
Flipper Coin!

Tweet SEO Joke 3
Cost Per Click is the most cost effective form of advertising for a Chiropractor website.

CPC Advertising Joke

CPC Advertising Joke

Tweet SEO Joke 4
What do you get if you cross a Penguin and a Panda?
A Search Engine Ranking Problem!

Tweet SEO Joke 5
Why do girls not date SEO experts?
They load too fast!

Why Do Girls Not Date SEO Experts Joke

Why Do Girls Not Date SEO Experts Joke

Tweet SEO Joke 6
A locksmith got in touch for an SEO quote for new Keyword research ideas.

Tweet SEO Joke 7
Why did the search engine penalize the twins website?
Duplicate content.

Tweet SEO Joke 8
What does an SEO and part-time chiropractor work on?
Your bad backlinks.

Tweet SEO Joke 9
What deodorant do SEO consultants wear?

Tweet SEO Joke 10
Why are successful SEO experts angry on the drive to work?
Too much traffic!

Tweet SEO Joke 11
How many SEO experts does it take to change a lightbulb, bulb, lightbulbs, lighting, lights?

Tweet SEO Joke 12
What do you call an SEO expert who sells vans?
Danny SellAVan

Tweet SEO Joke 13
A Google Hummingbird SEO Expert walks into a bar, bars, pub, public house, tavern…

Tweet SEO Joke 14
Do you know what too many Pandas in a cage is?
Panda stuffing!

Tweet SEO Joke 15
Gatwick Airport received a Google penalty for having too many landing pages!

Tweet SEO Joke 16 have seen their search engine rankings really take off since working on their landing page.

Tweet SEO Joke 17
What is a black hat SEOs favorite food?

What is a Blackhat SEOs Favorite Food SEO Joke

What is a Blackhat SEOs Favorite Food SEO Joke

Tweet SEO Joke 18
What do the Penguins at Google use to catch their fish?
Link Bait!

Tweet SEO Joke 19
At the latest search engine conference my hotel room number was 404.
I searched and searched, but could not find it!

SEO Conference Room 404 Joke

SEO Conference Room 404 Joke

Tweet SEO Joke 20
Q: How do you increase Google Analytics Visitor Session Duration time?
A: Increase pageload times by loading extra javascript files.

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