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Above is a Google LightHouse audit screenshot from April 2020 for “SEO Gold Coast Is A Local Search Engine Optimisation Expert” HomePage. The LightHouse SEO test was from a UK IP address and you can’t get much further away from the Australian Gold Coast than the Skegness Coast in the UK, so please run a live LightHouse test from your location below:

Post a comment below if you see much better/worse results for the SEO Gold Coast website indicating where in the world you tested from.

You can see the LightHouse Performance results (PageSpeed) are slow, only 58/100.

The other results suggest this Gold Coast SEO doesn’t use Google LightHouse as one of their SEO test tools.

Under SEO: Mobile Friendly Make sure your pages are mobile friendly so users don’t have to pinch or zoom in order to read the content pages.

Tap targets are not sized appropriately 81% appropriately sized tap targets

Interactive elements like buttons and links should be large enough (48x48px), and have enough space around them, to be easy enough to tap without overlapping onto other elements.

This is basic mobile SEO 101, anything tappable should be big enough to tap without accidentally tapping another link/image/button.

Nofollow Destroys Link Benefit

Nofollow Destroys Link Benefit

While checking out the links etc… which were too small or too close together I noticed almost all the problem links have rel=”nofollow” attributes! The nofollow attribute when added to a text link informs Google NOT to pass SEO link benefit/PR to the linked to webpages.

This so called Gold Coast SEO expert has 13 nofollow links of which 8 are to internal webpages including webpages which are selling SEO services. That’s really stupid SEO wise, one of the links is to their SEO Services webpage, why would anyone nofollow their SEO services webpage?

This tells me the SEO expert behind this website is using WAY out of date SEO information, since 2009 Google DELETES the link benefit of nofollow links.

It’s bad enough they are wasting link benefit on nofollowing links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (Google+ closed years ago, but they haven’t deleted the links!). Those 13 nofollow links are deleting their valuable SEO link benefit, does this Australian SEO expert advise the use of nofollow on their SEO clients websites?

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