SEO Agency Gold Coast

SEO Agency Gold Coast

Above is a Google LightHouse audit screenshot from April 2020 for “Australia’s Favourite SEO Agency | Joel House Search Media” HomePage. The LightHouse SEO test was from a UK IP address and you can’t get much further away from the Australian Gold Coast than the Skegness Coast in the UK, so please run a live test from your location below:

Post a comment below if you see much better/worse results for the Joel House website indicating where in the world you tested from.

You can see the LightHouse Performance results (PageSpeed) are awful, only 18/100!

The other results suggest Joel House Search Media doesn’t use Google LightHouse as one of their SEO test tools.

Under SEO for example there are missing alt tags:

Image elements do not have [alt] attributes

This is basic SEO 101, all images which aren’t structural (not part of the layout) should have an alt attribute, the Joel House SEO Agency has missed 3 important alt tags on their HomePage!

If Australia’s Favourite Gold Coast SEO Agency missed something as SEO basic as alt tags on their HomePage, what do they miss on their SEO clients websites?

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