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Having high local Gold Coast SEO Map listings doesn’t guarantee the Internet marketing service or SEO agency is the best SEO service for your local Gold Coast business.

You wouldn’t hire a local plumber ONLY because their office address is near you, you’d do your due diligence and check the plumber knows what they are doing. The same is true for local SEO experts, SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies, check them out to make sure they are good at the SEO services offered.

The problem with local SEO services SERPs like Gold Coast SEO is two-fold.

First, smallish SEO agencies can rank for their local SERPS with a lot less effort vs the more general SERPs, this means SEO consultants who are totally rubbish can be in the top 10 for a search like Gold Coast SEO.

Second, the Google local business map results (that’s the map with three local businesses below it) are based mostly on location rather than any competence in what the business does. For example search “Skegness Marketing” and my SEO gold site is one of the top 3 businesses listed, trust me on this, you wouldn’t want to hire me for a general marketing service!

For some towns and cities ranking high in Google for local SEO SERPs is really easy. Search Google for “Skegness SEO” and this SEO Gold site is ranked number 1 and 2 in the Google organic search results and number 1 in the local business map, I only started targeting the Skegness SEO search phrases a couple of months ago: normally I don’t bother targeting local SEO SERPs, but I’m creating a new local SEO services product for plumbers.

Never assume a high Google map listing means the business is good at SEO or any other services offered.

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