Comment on SEO Friendly WordPress Permalinks Tutorial by SEO Gold Services.

How to Change Permalinks in WordPress Changing the WordPress title or Yoast Title Tag will have no impact on the URL of the post or page, but changing the slug will.

Changing the post/page slug changes the URL, hence the 404 errors and currently WordPress doesn’t have a built in feature to automatically 301 redirect changes to post/page slugs.

Two solutions.

If this is a one of slug change (not going to change dozens of post slugs) a single line in your .htaccess fill will fix the 404 error and conserve any link benefit (most of it anyway) sent to the old URL.

See the 301 Redirects Tutorial for full details, specifically “A Simple 301 Redirect”.

Let’s say 3 months ago you made a typo when you created a WordPress Post, you wrote “Full Time SEO Kob” instead of “Full Time SEO Job“, but didn’t notice right away and there’s link to the typo URL. This results in the the Posts slug being /full-time-seo-kob/ and you want to fix it.

Change the Post slug to “full-time-seo-job” and add a simple 301 rule to your .htaccess file:

Redirect 301 /full-time-seo-kob/

Add the above to your .htaccess file changing the two URL parts, the first part is the old filename location (entire URL of the old post minus the domain name), second part is the full URL of the post as it is after you changed the slug.

If you plan to make a lot of changes consider a redirect plugin, there’s plenty of free WordPress redirect plugins. Where I’ve moved a significant number of posts from one site to another I’ll use a redirect plugin rather than the .htaccess file solution.