Domain Name SEO

Domain Name SEO

An addition to my network of sites (registered the domain May 2014) is Books to Read. Not a business site per se, but makes a decent example to show some of the SEO benefits of choosing the right domain name, how the domain name can make SEO easier.

The domain name is which Google reads as “Books To Read Com”. A Google search for the exact phrase (include the “speech marks”) showed the site on page 2 of Google.

The only reason why the home page would be found for the “Books To Read Com” SERP is the URL, the text COM is not used anywhere in the text or for backlinks anchor text, the only way Google would rank the site for that SERP is if it reads the URL: and replaces the hyphens – for spaces: Google reads the URL as “Books To Read Com”.

This only works for hyphenated URLs.

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