Domain Name SEO Benefits

Domain Name SEO Benefits

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When other webmasters link to a site they’ll tend to either use the name of the site “Books to Read” or the domain URL of the site “” as anchor text, the first example is exact match, the URL version includes exact match (Google reads it as “https books to read com” – search for this in Google).

“” isn’t exactly a business domain name, if it was and I was creating a new business and branding mattered I might have gone for an SEO domain name like amazon-books-to-read.tld and name the business “Amazon Books to Read” or “Amazon Books”**

**This is just an example, since there’s already a book business called Amazon I wouldn’t use the above example (trademark issues), but as a hypothetical example it’s a good one for businesses who want a good SEO domain whilst still include branding: if you have an enormous branding budget like Amazon has you don’t have to worry as much about the URL.

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