Brand Building vs Search Engine Optimized Business Names

Brand Building vs Search Engine Optimized Business Names

Zeus Thrones sounds great for a company selling high quality toilets, but it’s not going to help potential online customers find your products in Google. Unless you have a large budget for brand building, potential customers won’t know your site even exists!

If you have a site about traditional toilets for example a good business name (for optimization reasons) would be Traditional Toilets or Toilets and the domain name would be traditional-toilets.tld or toilets.tld respectively.

There are other considerations to take into account when choosing a business and domain name including branding and of course available domain names, so compromises have to be made. For example when deciding on a business name and domain name for a traditional toilets web site you might choose something like:

Business Name: Zeus Thrones Toilets
Domain: zeus-thrones-toilets.tld

This gives a balance between a good SEO domain name (toilets.tld) and a brandable business name (Zeus Thrones).

The balance being on search engines it’s clear the domain has something to do with toilets. On branding Zeus Thrones is a memorable/amusing name for a mundane product!

Zeus Thrones traditional toilets, a WC fit for a King :-)

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