Off-Page SEO is a Long-Term Project

Off-Page SEO is a Long-Term Project

If this article were on it would beat all competition for the SERPs I’ve targeted because we’d have awesome on-page SEO AND awesome off-page SEO as well.

Without off-page SEO the on-page can’t do it’s stuff!

Off-page SEO is a long-term project, always building new backlinks, generating interest on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook… Off-page SEO is constantly shifting sands.

With on-page SEO once you have your search engine optimized HTML code and SEO’d copy it’s pretty much done. Get the website design right and it has a positive SEO impact on every webpage, get the SEO copy right on an article and move on to another or build links.

Time wise it’s much easier to deal with on-page SEO than off-page, so makes a lot of sense as it’s so easy relatively speaking to get it right.

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