How Popular is Amazon

How Popular is Amazon

I think everyone reading this will agree Amazon as an online business in terms of traffic is a huge success, Alexa currently (September 2014) lists Amazon as the 9th most popular website in the world.

Don’t take Alexa ratings too seriously, they are easily skewed, but they are a good guide to popularity: let’s go with Amazon is one of the top 30 websites worldwide (that’s a LOT of traffic).

You would think with a multi-billion dollar business (Amazon 2013 revenue: ~$75 billion) they would have some of the best web designers and SEO experts in the world working for/with them.

Surprisingly for a business that relies on it’s online presence their on-page SEO is complete SHIT, amateur SEO mistakes that my wife doesn’t make on her websites: my wife is about as tech savvy as a frog using an iPhone 6, she even describes herself as techless!

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