Footer Links SEO

Footer Links SEO

The Amazon’s websites footer area consists of a LOT of external links to other websites they own.

They have over 30 external links and the footer links appear to be sitewide, that means each link exist on millions of webpages! Since Amazon is a heavily linked website, when Google used to show PageRank (PR) the Amazon home page was something like PR9 (that’s a LOT of backlinks).

This means the sitewide links from the Amazon footer in theory pass a LOT of PR/link benefit giving the websites linked to a huge Google ranking boost (backlinks are very important SEO wise)!

I own around 100 websites, should I copy the Amazon footer links and links to 30+ of my sites from this domain?


Google considers this an iffy area SEO wise. Those Amazon footer links are not a fair sample of how websites link together, Google might ignore the links because they skew Googles ranking algorithm unfairly. Google won’t ban Amazon for this, but they might discount/ignore the links and if that’s the case there’s 30+ external links passing no SEO value which could have been used on internal webpages.

This doesn’t mean don’t link sitewide to your own websites, just don’t link to dozens of them!

On this site I link sitewide to one website I own, that’s it. Highly unlikely Google will have an issue with one sitewide link.

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