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Competitor Analysis SEO Tip Not really related to SEO in anyway, but as I mentioned the Christmas jumpers we ordered from Amazon didn’t arrive above… Really irritated the Christmas jumpers didn’t arrive, wasn’t enough time to reorder so we don’t have them now :-(

My wife ordered the following from Amazon recently:

Two matching Christmas Jumpers.
Sharpie Pens.
Battery recharger (includes 4 batteries).
2 x 4 Rechargeable Batteries.

It was one Amazon order, but from multiple Amazon sellers so was sent over multiple Amazon packages (I think 4 packages).

These two items arrived no problems:
Sharpie Pens.
Battery recharger (includes 4 batteries).

Two matching Christmas Jumpers: didn’t arrive and as it wasn’t Amazon shipped items Amazon said they’d make a refund (not checked if it’s been refunded, assume so).

2 x 4 Rechargeable Batteries: didn’t arrive, was shipped by Amazon so they shipped again. The second try also didn’t arrive! Shipped again the third try arrived, but only one set of batteries: wife has let Amazon know, waiting on response.

Considering the resends that’s 6 packages sent and only 3 arrived.

We aren’t regular Amazon shoppers in the sense of every month (couple of times a year probably), but we do order online regularly and most things we order arrive (struggling to think of a non Amazon items that went missing). Last Christmas my wife ordered some clothes from Amazon, they also didn’t arrive (got a refund).

I think the Christmas jumpers etc… is the first Amazon order since the clothes went missing the year before, so out of 7 packages sent from Amazon only 3 arrived, that’s ridiculous clearly someone is stealing Amazon packages locally (not from our door, the batteries would fit through the letterbox).

Since Amazon give refunds/replacements and Amazon doesn’t have tracking on these items (we aren’t having to sign for delivery) this must be costing Amazon a small fortune.

This latest order of missing items comes to about �80.