Comment on WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow by SEO Gold Services.

Rel Nofollow Deletes Pagerank Edit or create a new post, under the WordPress SEO by Yoast Form click Advanced.

Meta Robots Follow : Nofollow option.

If you tick that box a robots meta tag will be added to the page that tells Google to nofollow all links from the page.

ALL links will be nofollow.

Note how there’s no documentation of the SEO damage adding nofollow links have to a site.

If I used the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin on this site and edited this post and used the nofollow option, Google would index the post but wouldn’t pass any SEO link benefit (PR) through to other parts of the site from internal links.

No SEO expert in their right mind would add such a damaging SEO option to a WordPress SEO plugin without explaining the damage it can do.

I can’t think of a single use for this option? Why would anyone want ALL links on a page to be nofollow?

Look above the comments on this page how I have over a dozen links to WordPress SEO tutorial articles, those links would pass no SEO link benefit if I used Yoast and ticked that little box.

There will be thousands of webmasters who don’t understand SEO clicking that box thinking it’s a good setting.

I was in a discussion recently on the Warrior Forum and one of the regular members had been using the Yoast noindex,follow robots meta tag option (another option) on archives in the mistaken belief Google couldn’t see the content of the archives, so that would prevent duplicate content issues. Didn’t understand what noindex is, thought it meant the links to the archives would be ignored.