Comment on WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow by SEO Gold Services.

Rel Nofollow Deletes Pagerank No I’m not saying make every link dofollow, I’m saying make no links nofollow. there’s a BIG difference, I sure as hell ain’t sending link benefit to affiliate sites!!!

There’s built in link cloaking in Stallion that works great with affiliate links, I have tens of thousands of Stallion cloaked affiliate links on my sites, some are manually added others automated.

If you are an auto blogger using Massive Passive Profits Plugin or WPRobot Plugin Stallion converts the nofollow links those plugins tend to generate on the fly, few clicks of the mouse and the vast majority of affiliate links generated by the above plugins are cloaked.

Stallion also has a feature to convert your nofollow links to cloaked links as well (for any site not just autoblogs) on the fly. So if you have a blogs with thousands of nofollow links a few clicks of the mouse and Stallion converts them on the fly to cloaked links.

All the above built in on the fly features do not change the nofollow links code, it uses PHP code I wrote to convert the nofollow links to the Stallion cloaked link code just before a browser or search engine bot sees them. Turn the features off or change themes and the nofollow links are again readable by search engines etc… this also means switching a site from another theme to Stallion can remove the majority of your unwanted nofollow and affiliate links without that much work.

It’s a really cool feature, sort of feature many Internet marketers would package as a stand alone plugin and have as an upsell not part of the main product, I could easily pull a dozen stand alone plugins out of Stallion and upsell them, I’m way too nice :-)

Stallion Theme Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial.

BTW as a Stallion Theme user without understanding any of the above or turning on any of the above features Stallion may have already removed thousands of nofollow links from your sites. On the vast majority of WordPress themes comments include nofollow links, the comment author links for example, Stallion uses code (post forms) styled like text links instead of text links. The only difference is you can’t right click and open in new window with them, try it with your Bill Roberts link in the comment above, Google etc… doesn’t read it as a link, but visitors can click it. That link passes no link benefit and doesn’t delete any either like a nofollow would.

The “Stallion Theme Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial” link above is a dofollow link, there’s a Stallion option to turn off/on nofollow for clickable links within the body of comments. I have it turned off (off means links are dofollow) on this site so I can add links to my sites that pass link beenfit. Yes, users can add their own dofollow links easily, but I have moderation set to mark comments with 1 or more links as pending and will remove any clickable links manually. If I wanted to allow clickable links that passed no link benefit and didn’t use nofollow I’d turn nofollow on (yes on) and turn link cloaking of comments on which will convert the nofollow links within the comment body into Stallion cloaked links on the fly (so WordPress adds nofollow and Stallion converts it on the fly to a cloaked link because it’s nofollow).

So there’s plenty of options to deal with nofollow links.