Comment on WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow by delta.

Rel Nofollow Deletes Pagerank So let me repeat what I understood.

As the link benefit is destroyed by nofollow links, your SEO Expert advice is:

1. Linking to sources and alike
When a link is needed, use a text link. Thus a source is credited (like Wikipedia) but no link “juice” (link benefit) wasted.

2. if you do link, know why, where and for what purpose

3. nofollow links destroy link benefit

That’s really hard for me to understand. It means if the site has a link benefit of 100%, after using “nofollow” it will be only 99,84% asf.

Although in my nincompoop opinion, link juice simply isn’t used thus saved, your SEO expert opinion clearly states: it is lost! So, I will have a lot of links to convert into text links on my site – but I’ll do it.

Thanks again for your time and patience!