Comment on WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow by delta.

Rel Nofollow Deletes Pagerank Thank you very much for your detailed answer!
I agree completely with your linking policy and usually I insert a link or two to Wikipedia and such. Even when asked for a link exchange I only accept non-commercial sites (I’m running an info portal with ads and affiliate links using Joomla as CMS)

Here’s what I don’t get or don’t know or both:

+++ how can link benefit be deleted?

Let’s go back to the example:
One page with 10 links (5 “nofollow” link juice 10) would have given the 5 “dofollow” links 2 points link juice each before the Google change of policy.
As I understand, now the 5 “dofollow” will only get 1 point link juice each, the 5 “nofollow” links will get no link juice at all, right?

As I see this, there’s only 5 points link juice passed as in opposite to the 10 points earlier.

Where do the remaining 5 points link juice go?

As I see it – and here I’m obviously wrong – they are simply not passed on. Five quid not spent – still in my pocket.

But as I understand you: they are lost! They’ve somehow evaporated into thin air and diminish the link power of my site.

+++ Do “nofollow” links harm your site?

If those “nofollow” links harm your site, what is your advice (apart from cloaking affiliate links):
– Never use them at all?
– What about linking to sources like Wikipedia?
– Would you advise me to change all my “nofollow” links?
– What is the overall SEO impact: are we talking catastrophe or annoyance?

BTW: have you ever thought about opening a forum?
Thanks for your patience and time!