Comment on WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow by SEO Gold Services.

Rel Nofollow Deletes Pagerank Good question on nofollow.

Using the 5 dofollow and 5 nofollow links example if you create a page with this ratio of dofollow to nofollow links half your link benefit that flows through that page is lost.

If the 5 nofollow links are to say affiliate links or sites you don’t care about replacing the nofollow with dofollow has no impact on your 5 dofollow links link juice wise.

There are other issues to consider, if you have a page about a WordPress SEO Theme and the 5 nofollow links go to relevant sites about WordPress, SEO and Theme and you use anchor text for those links relevant to your pages SERPs it will help your pages SEO because off page anchor text is important.

Some SEO experts (I’m not one of them :-)) advise linking to relevant pages in your sites niche as a matter of course to indicate your site is about/in that niche. The problem with this SEO approach (which does have merit) is it costs your site link benefit and you might help a competitor beat you in the SERPs. If all WordPress theme developers linked to my site whenever they talked about WordPress SEO Themes that would be awesome for me :-)

If you go along with the approach of linking to relevant resources, where are you going to find them? Most likely Google, so you’d search for “WordPress SEO Theme” and link to the top resources (last time I checked this site was top 10 for that SERP) because that indicates you are part of that niche. I’m sure you can see the problem with this is a lot of people use this approach, those at the top get more backlinks with great anchor text for free making it even harder to compete with them! Even if you decide I’ll link to the results at page 10, your backlinks help them link benefit wise, not you and they climb the SERPs.

You can see there’s a cost/benefit to using nofollow/not using nofollow for links to sites you don’t care about.

What I try to do is link to relevant pages in the same niche I own, not always possible, but better than wasting link benefit on a competitor.

For links you don’t want to pass link benefit to there’s a Stallion solution, Stallion has link cloaking built in which is perfect for affiliate links – Stallion Theme Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial.

On my sites that have affiliate links I cloak them, if Google hadn’t changed how they treat nofollow I’d nofollow them, but it changed and I’m not wasting link benefit on affiliate links or nofollow.

Stallion also ‘hides’ comment author URLs, they are form buttons with CSS styling to look like text links, they do not pass nor delete link benefit. Exception to this is the admins URL, that passes full SEO benefit since the owner of the site decides where that link goes.

On contact details I provide support via comments here and email, best email to use is the Gmail one that’s on the main Stallion options page. As I use Clickbank for payments I have to supply a valid phone number in the order emails and being in the UK with mostly US based customers have been woke at 3am in the morning!

I check email multiple times a day (I get an email notification of all comments), many emails and comments are answered in under an hour (rare to even take 24 hours to respond). On the occasions I’ve been telephoned for support it’s never resulted in a problem solved because of the call. Email/comments is far better, before responding I can do research, check a Stallion ID is active etc…