Comment on WordPress SEO Rel Nofollow by delta.

Rel Nofollow Deletes Pagerank Hi David,

I read you strongly advise against using “nofollow”. I’m a DIY-Webmaster, but I did get the change of the usage of nofollow. Referring to your example (10 links, 5 nofollow – on one page) I understand that the link juice _now_ will be only 1/5 of the total instead of 2/5 before. So here’s my question:

The five dofollow links will get only 1/5 each even if I set the other 5 dofollow too.

What is lost?

What is the negative effect?

How does using nofollow have a negative effect on my SEO?

And where do I find your company details (Address, telephone, e-mail asf)?