SEOptimer SEO Tool Title Tag Issues

SEOptimer SEO Tool Title Tag Issues

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The title tag advice is “Title Tag: You have a Title Tag, but ideally it should be between 10 and 70 characters in length (including spaces).”

The home page title is 8 characters (too short according to the analysis tool).

This is misleading SEO advice, if a webpage is targeting a short keyword or phrase it needs to be whatever the length of the phrase is. We could have a perfectly optimised 80 character title tag or a title shorter than 10 characters.

The meta description tag advice “Meta Description Tag: Your page appears to be missing a Meta Description Tag. Meta Description is important for search engines to understand the content of your page, and is often shown as the text blurb in Search Results.”

The first part is wrong, Google doesn’t use the meta description tag “to understand the content of your page” (it’s NOT part of the Google’s ranking algorithm), in ranking terms you do NOT need a meta description tag set.

Google (like all major search engines) MIGHT use the meta description tag as the Google search description. Consider the meta description tag like an ad on Google, what you want is when a user reads the description they WANT to click it.

A good meta description tag is like good ad copy.

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