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SEOptimer SEO Analysis Tool Results

Hmm, SEOptimer gives my homepage C+ with 17 improvements doesn’t sound particularly impressive!

Consider I’ve worked as an SEO consultant for over 18yrs, there’s not a lot regarding search engine optimization I don’t understand.

I know how to SEO optimize a server for performance SEO, I’ve built WordPress SEO themes and SEO plugins for nearly 15yrs.

When reviewing my sites with the Google Lighthouse tool it’s not unusual to score 100/100 in all Lighthouse tests.

SEO Gold Mobile PageSpeed Results

SEO Gold Mobile PageSpeed Results

When it comes to SEO analysis, I know what I’m doing, so the idea my main SEO Gold business site would score C+ on an SEO test is a joke.

If a fully SEO’d site like mine only scores a C+ with an SEO tool like SEOptimer it tells us there’s major problems with the review tool!

Update SEOptimer Review 2020

SEOptimer Keyword Consistency Review

SEOptimer Misleading Keyword Consistency Advice

It’s over 2 years since I first reviewed the SEOptimer SEO audit tool and the results for my SEO gold site have not changed.

It’s still C+ with 13 improvements (used to be 17).

Believe it or not the SEO score has got worse :-) Used to be a C+, now it’s a D+, that’s very funny.

My SEO mistakes include not using the words: WordPress, updated, continue, reading, how, tutorial, google… within the title tag or meta description tag. All my URLs aren’t SEO friendly, they are too long. SEOptimer couldn’t access my robots.txt file (there is one).

ALL the SEOptimer SEO advice is bad SEO advice, based on my SEOptimer testing I cannot recommend using this SEO analysis tool.

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