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Private Blog Network SEO Traffic Unless you are going to a lot of trouble to hide the sites in a PBN Google will know you own them all.
Just changing the IP isn’t enough. You’ll need separate hosting, whois data etc…

I work on the principle as long as I’m building quality sites I’ve no issues having them all on the same server with the same IP**, same Whois data etc… (hide nothing).

** I use Godaddy VPS and they supply 3 IP’s per VPS, so with 3 cheap VPS packages I have 9 IP’s, so each IP holds a dozen or so domains. As I reduce my network I’ll drop down to two VPS’s and 6 IP’s, if I manage to get down to 1 VPS they’ll be on 3 IP’s (assuming I still use the same VPS host).

Think along the lines of if you knew a Google manual reviewer and you went to dinner with them, would you be happy for them to see your entire domain network?

Build quality websites, no need to hide anything which means it’s really cheap to manage a network: put it all on one VPS.

Build low quality sites, Google manipulative sites and you’ll need to hide at least part of the networks association with you, so when Google inevitably downgrades domains within the network you can cut them loose to protect the entire private blog network.

The term Private Blog Network gives away the owners intentions. Amazon, Google, eBay etc… own a network of domains, but they aren’t a private blog network (aren’t a private network, since they aren’t blogs, it’s just a network).

Look at the bottom of, there’s almost 50 links in the footer to Amazon’s network of sites. It’s not PRIVATE because they aren’t doing anything wrong, so aren’t trying to hide anything.

Black Hat SEO Techniques Gamble with your Websites Future

Black Hat SEO Techniques Gamble with your Websites Future

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If you build a network of 10 high quality related domains and add a few links between the domains Google won’t care if you own them all or they are owned by separate people. Same network, low quality content, use black hat techniques to generate content/backlinks to feed one money site and the whole network including your money site is at risk.

Because it’s easier to rank one domain relative to 10 I’m moving away from a domain network, it’s way too much work to rank 10+ domains from scratch. Building trust/authority on one domain is hard enough and there’s no point owning 10 domains with no trust/authority just for backlinks to a money site. Like I said I registered a new domain a few days back, it currently has no trust and no authority and the links out have no SEO value and won’t have value until I’ve worked hard on high quality content and generate backlinks which age.

If you are struggling to build authority/trust on one domain how are you going to handle building authority/trust on 5, 10, 20 domains? There’s no value in just owning a domain with a few crappy webpages and low quality backlinks, the links out won’t help your money site.

Linking to an authority site like Wikipedia won’t help your websites rankings anymore than linking to any other site (that’s not on a bad site), it will help Wikipedia which will make it even harder for you and others to compete with Wikipedia. The SEO benefit of linking to relevant webpages is the anchor text of the link, there’s value in anchor text, so link to another page on your site with keyword rich anchor text. If you want to benefit from a trusted/authority site persuade them to link to your site.