Comment on The SEO Value of Private Blog Networks by SEO Gold Services.

Private Blog Network SEO Traffic For those interested in learning how to choose SEO keywords etc… using keyword research tools etc… I wouldn’t suggest spending half your life on this sort of keyword competitiveness research.

I don’t perform this level of SEO research on every keyword I target, I use this when I’m having problems generating a SERP and I want to understand why I’m not ranking high.

Time is better spent on basic keyword research using free keyword tools like the AdWords research tool and building content that can rank in search engines. In the time spent SEO analyzing one SERP you could write an SEO’d article targeting the SERP!

It’s better to spend your time building a site targeting both competitive and long tail SERPs, this way you have the webpages targeting hard SERPs and over time you can build links to them and at the same time generate traffic now from easy SERPs (Rome wasn’t built in a day).

Easy way to choose keywords to target is decide on an article subject.

Go to the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool (it’s free), find some relevant phrases related to the article you plan to write (or have written) and use those phrases within the articles content.

I planned to name this comment “Learning How to Choose SEO Keywords” before nay keyword research, had no idea if it had any traffic. So will use the Google AdWords Tool to find at least one SERP with traffic I might be able to gain with a comment.

With Stallion Responsive comments can target long tail keyword SERPs which have low competition (no chance with competitive SERPs). I’m going to assume if I can find a phrase using the AdWords keyword research tool that’s 4+ words long and has some traffic (not a lot) it’s probably not got much competition (it’s a comment, not going to spend a lot of time checking: a lot of the time with comments I guess and do no keywords research).

Started with “SEO Keywords” which lead me to “SEO Keyword Research” with 720 searches a month.

Keywords for SEO

This lead me to “SEO Keyword Research Tools” with 50 searches a month and further checking “Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO” with 70 searches a month, that will do.

New comment title: How to Use Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

That will be used as the title tag, H1 heading and anchor text of links to the Stallion SEO Super Comment, basic on-page SEO sorted.

I then went back through this comment looking for places to add the above phrase or derivatives of the above phrase. On-page SEO done.

After that had another keyword check and found “How to Choose Keywords for SEO” with 110 searches a month which is close to the first title, so changed my mind and went with the comment title: Learn How to Choose Keywords for SEO
Better match for the comments content.

If this were a WordPress post I’d add at least one image with relevant alt text, add some links out to other pages on the site that’s relevant… It’s a comment targeting 100 visitors a month, doing this for a comment would be chasing pennies.

Edit: remembered after publishing the comment I had a page about the AdWords keyword tool so added a link to the webpage and an image from that article.