Comment on The SEO Value of Private Blog Networks by SEO Gold Services.

Private Blog Network SEO Traffic Oh I see, you think I’m saying if a SERP is competitive don’t target it at all?

Absolutely not, this is checking likely competitiveness, will indicate if a SERP can be targeted mostly with on-page SEO or will need significant off-site SEO (backlinks) as well. You will have a better idea of SEO outcomes, how much effort a SERP will require so you can be realistic with expectations.

I’m sure you know each domain without new off-site SEO work will have a particular ability to rank for competitive SERPs based on their current off-site SEO (strength of their backlinks) and when working on a websites on-site SEO you have to be realistic.

We’d both like the SEO SERP and the Search Engine Optimization SERP, but realistically to gain competitive SERPs requires significant off-site work. If we both targeted our homepages at just SEO or Search Engine Optimization as the main keyword/phrase we’d both fail because neither of us have the off-site SEO at this time to rank for those highly competitive SERPs.

I’m targeting the WordPress SEO Package SERPs (I’d like SEO Package and WordPress SEO long term), you appear to be targeting SEO Training on your home page.

We are both targeting competitive SERPs, but they are realistic than just just targeting SEO or Search Engine Optimization. With off-site work we can both gain them in a reasonable time frame.

I’m top 10 for my homepage SERPs, still need work to make top 3, I’ve been working on this site since February 2014 and know it won’t be easy-ish until it’s about a year old assuming I’ve worked on off-site SEO as well (no off-site SEO and will be never rank). I’m not top 20 for SEO Package search, maybe next year if the off-site goes well.

I assume you give your SEO clients similar advice, if you had a client selling pet food on a new domain you wouldn’t advise targeting the one word SERPs Pet or Food or even the two word phrase Pet Food from day one, way too competitive for a new domain. You would advise targeting long tail SERPs for instant traffic and over time target competitive SERPs to build search engine traffic long term. More off-site you do and older the domain gets (or to be more precise older the backlinks are since domain age per se is irrelevant) the harder the SERPs you can target.

SEO Tutorial is a SERP I’m targeting, currently just outside top 10, needs more off-site as it’s competitive.

I have a lot of top 20 competitive SEO SERPs (AKA not in the money SERPs :-)) due to strong on-site SEO, need the off-site AND time (backlinks to age) to push them into the top 5. Nothing I do on this domain will result in top 3 for SEO Tutorial, I must work on off-site. Doesn’t mean I can’t gain traffic today from easier SERPs though: I target thousands of SERPs.

BTW I’ve never used Market Samurai, so no idea what Market Samurai considers a golden rule. I’ve used these SEO techniques for well over a decade, they work, when I sold SEO services (worked as an SEO consultant for 10 years) I used these concepts to help SEO clients target the right SERPs and make millions of dollars in sales.