Comment on The SEO Value of Private Blog Networks by Mike Friedman.

Private Blog Network SEO Traffic The only problem is that if you are using the number of sites in the index as an initial filter, like I said, you could be screening out a lot of viable keywords that you will never do any further research on because you found more than XXXX number of results in Google.

I just did a quick check on one of my clients to get a baseline on this. We are targeting 30 keywords. Right now 20 are in the top 5. Of those 20, 7 have over 2 million results in the Google index when you search in quotes. Another 6 are over 500,000 results. Those 13 keywords are probably bringing him in about $6,000/month right now.

I wonder how many SEOs would have told him not to target those keywords because they were “too competitive”.
It’s a technique that is just not based on any kind of reality.

I blame the idiots behind Market Samurai for this technique still existing. They push it as one of their “Golden Rules” I believe. It’s just a scam to make their software appear useful.