Comment on The SEO Value of Private Blog Networks by SEO Gold Services.

Private Blog Network SEO Traffic This is one of my many SEO tests using comments to see how easy SERPs are etc…

In a discussion at the Warrior Forum which is about how long it takes to get to page 1 in Google and a poster (Mike Friedman) wrote regarding using the exact match Google search:

This is totally wrong. This is a myth that just refuses to die. Putting a keyword in quotes and looking at how many results show up in Google’s index has NOTHING to do with the level of competition for a keyword.

So made the comment below (adjusted so not duplicated content):
How is it an SEO myth?

By adding speech marks to a search phrase it limits the webpages found to those only using the exact match phrase. Those webpages are more likely to be specifically targeting the phrase.

Search Google for : Private Soap Network

18,600,000 results, indicates it’s hard to a webmaster, from this you have no idea how hard a webpage is targeting the SERP.

Search Google for : “Private Soap Network”
No results found.

The phrase Private Soap Network (for obvious reasons) has not real competing pages (no one is targeting it). Right now there are zero webpages that use the exact phrase “Private Soap Network”.

There will be at least two soon.

This is ONE of many quick checks to see how much SEO competition there MIGHT be for a search phrase. It’s not the be all and end all of determining your competition, but for your average webmaster it’s a really quick way to see who you are up against.

Here’s a real example:

Private Network 2.0 : 29,100,000 results

“Private Network 2.0” : 51,700 results

The exact match are the webpages most likely to be specifically targeting this SERP, so real competition is probably under 50,000 webpages.

An easier one.

Private Network 2.0 Course : 2,820,000 results

“Private Network 2.0 Course” : 1 result, goes to Mike Friedman’s Private Network 2.0 Course (2017 update: deleted the URL as the domain is no longer active).

That’s a phrase that could be easily targeted.

I’ve given this comment a comment title Private Network 2.0 Course and when Google indexes the Stallion SEO Super Comment page (link bottom right of this comment) it will probably rank high for this SERP.

Any SERPs will be due to this comment and the single internal backlink to the Stallion SEO Super Comment, won’t be doing any other SEO promotion.

This is SEO 101, real basic SEO stuff.

Having this comment also aids the main article which is targeting Private Blog Network SERPs. This comment has two links which use the keywords “Private Network” and of course I’ve used relevant PBN SERPs in the comment text.