Plumbforce Direct Website Review

Plumbforce Direct Website Review

Test the Plumbforce Direct website live:

Plumbforce Direct are direct competitors to Pimlico Plumbers, they both offer plumbing services in London.

The Plumbforce Direct homepage loads in just over 6 seconds (slow). 6 seconds is on the slow side, but it’s much faster than Pimlico at 10 seconds and Google takes this into account when it ranks those two sites content.

If all other things were equal SEO wise for the Pimlico Plumbers website and the Plumbforce Direct website, we would expect Plumbforce Direct to tend to rank above Pimlico Plumbers in Google. Pimlico loads in about 10 seconds and has DA55, Plumbforce Direct loads in about 6 seconds and has DA70.

Plumbforce Direct have other SEO issues, look through the live Google LightHouse results for some of the issues Google considers important.

Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities 2 vulnerabilities detected: This means Plumbforce Direct are running an out of date version of jQuery (jQuery@2.1.4) which is vulnerable to attack (see: jQuery@2.1.4 was released in 2015, so 5 years out of date! Latest version of jQuery is jQuery@3.4.1.

Tap targets are not sized appropriately: This means tapable targets on the webpage (that’s links and buttons) aren’t big enough for large thumbed customers who might like to hire a Plumbforce Direct plumber via their big thumbs.

Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio: This means the colours of some elements aren’t contracting enough, you might have a white background with off-white text making it difficult for visually impaired visitors to read some content. For the Plumbforce Direct homepage this includes the link to the BOOK A PLUMBER NOW, so one of the most important links is difficult to see!

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