Plumbers SEO Services ROI

Plumbers SEO Services ROI

How should a plumber decide if a search engine optimization service is right for their plumbing business and will generate a decent ROI?

Let’s say a large plumbing business considers spending $60,000 (~£45,000) a year on an SEO marketing service or a full-time SEO consultant with experience, the absolute minimum ROI should be at least $60,000/£45,000 otherwise the business has lost money.

$60,000/£45,000 a year is at the higher end for SEO marketing experts, but it’s not expensive IF the SEO service delivers a significant ROI.

When deciding on whether to work with an SEO company remember there’s no point spending tens of thousands of dollars/pounds on an online marketing service (SEO is a form of online marketing) if it doesn’t result in an increase in revenue or at the bare minimum a significant improvement in online brand awareness.

This very basic SEO ROI calculation doesn’t include time/money spent by the plumbing business interacting with or following the SEO advice of an SEO expert, SEO agency etc… if other employees (the marketing team for example) have to spend say 20 hours a week working with an SEO specialist, that’s 20 hours not spent on other business activities. Factor this into to your SEO services ROI calculation.

With our $60,000/£45,000 a year SEO service plus 20 hours worth of an employee(s) time a week, what’s the minimum increase in plumbing jobs required to justify a $60,000/£45,000 investment and the time of an employee(s)?

The answer is different for every plumbing business based partially on the local areas covered, for example there’s far more plumbing work available in London vs a small town like Boston in Lincolnshire. A $60,000/£45,000 investment in a highly skilled SEO expert by a large London based plumbing business could be an absolute bargain, but for a smaller plumbing business in Boston it could be a poor decision.

Fail to make this SEO services ROI calculation and you might find your plumbing business loses money even with an increase in Google rankings and sales!

It would be poor value to spend $60,000/£45,000 for a $30,000/£22,500 profit increase in plumbing jobs. The business might have done better going with a more affordable SEO option or for a small plumbing business with a few employees, do the SEO work in-house: it depends on the plumbing business, there’s no one size fits all option when buying an SEO service.

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