Pimlico Plumbers Website Review

Pimlico Plumbers Website Review

Test the Pimlico Plumbers website live: https://googlechrome.github.io/lighthouse/viewer/?psiurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pimlicoplumbers.com%2F&strategy=mobile&category=performance&category=accessibility&category=best-practices&category=seo&category=pwa&utm_source=lh-chrome-ext

The Pimlico Plumbers business website https://www.pimlicoplumbers.com/ has a lot of aged high quality backlinks resulting in a Domain Authority (DA) of 55 (DA55 is a good DA value: probably a PR5 or PR6 homepage), BUT the website isn’t pagespeed optimised, it’s slow.

Domain Authority (DA) and PageRank (PR) are important in determining how likely a website can generate free Google traffic.

Most plumbers websites are slow to load because most web designers and web developers don’t understand pagespeed optimisation. You can see from the Google LightHouse screenshot the Pimlico Plumbers homepage takes over 10 seconds to load and be fully interactive on a slow mobile network.

What this means is on a slow mobile Internet connection it takes 10 seconds before a visitor can tap a link to another page or type in a form etc… Depending on the website setup a visitor might still be able to read the content of the webpage, but it’s not fully interactive for 10 seconds.

Consider a little old lady in London frantically searching Google for an emergency 24hr plumber in London because a toilet is leaking in an upstairs bathroom and it’s only a matter of time before the living room below is ruined! Will she wait 10 seconds for each Pimlico Plumbers webpage to load or will she hit the back button (bounce back to Google) and try a competitor website which is faster on her old mobile phone with a slow mobile Internet connection?

The issue here is visitors getting frustrated about the wait, if they become too annoyed they will tap the back button returning to Google and the plumber has lost a potential plumbing job despite managing to get the possible customer on their website!

Google and many others have tested pagespeed vs bounce rates and slow loading websites lose visitors which cost sales/customers.

Google prefers faster loading websites, speed is a Google SEO ranking factor in 2020 and it’s likely to become more important in the future because it’s search engine users (potential plumbing customers) prefer faster loading websites.

So not only are slower loading websites losing sales due to visitors giving up and going to a competitor website, they are also losing out on extra free Google traffic to their competitors which load faster.

Pimlico Plumbers isn’t a particularly slow website (some business sites take over 30 seconds to load on slow mobile devices!), to put Pimlico into perspective their homepage loads in just over 10 seconds (slow), the SEO Gold homepage loads in 2 seconds (fast), but I’m not their competition, so let’s look at a competitor plumber to Pimlico like Plumbforce Direct.

Pimlico Plumbers have a lot of other SEO issues, look through the live Google LightHouse results for some of the issues Google considers important.

Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities 2 vulnerabilities detected: This means Pimlico are running an out of date version of jQuery (jQuery@1.10.2) which is vulnerable to attack (see: https://snyk.io/vuln/npm:jquery?lh=1.10.2). jQuery@1.10.2 was released in 2013, so it’s a tad out of date to say the least! Latest version of jQuery is jQuery@3.4.1.

Tap targets are not sized appropriately: This means tapable targets on the webpage (that’s links and buttons) aren’t big enough for large thumbed customers who might like to hire a Pimlico Plumber via their huge thumbs.

Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio: This means the colours of some elements aren’t contracting enough, you might have a white background with off-white text making it difficult for visually impaired visitors to read some content. For the Pimlico Plumbers homepage this includes the link to their telephone number, that’s the last link you want to be difficult to see!

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