Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services

Unfortunately not all SEO businesses are ethical, many so called affordable SEO services are a complete waste of time and money, they should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t rush into hiring a cheap SEO service simply on price, I’ve been working in SEO for almost 20 years and it’s shocking how many businesses are offering SEO services who clearly have no idea what they are doing!

How would you react if you were a plumber and another plumber emailed you to ask how do you fit a Vaillant boiler for a customer?

I get the SEO equivalent of these types of basic questions all the time, so called SEO consultants who don’t have a clue ask me to give them free SEO advice by email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… it’s both embarrassing and concerning!

Sometimes they will include their domain name when they contact me and I look at their SEO business sites. They tend to promote themselves as affordable SEO services and sell useless SEO products like submission to search engines, optimising meta tags, tracking a specific number of keywords etc…

A Google search for Affordable SEO Services lists in the top 3 a website which offers (amongst other things, a LOT of things!) SEO services for $99.

$99 is definitely an affordable SEO service, that’s cheap, but is it value for money?

Well, the SEO businesses website is nice looking, has some flashy features, BUT it is super slow: see the live Google LightHouse Test Results at

When I tested it, it scored 5/100 for performance (that’s REALLY bad) and took almost 20 seconds to be interactive!

Whoever built the website does not understand performance SEO, they don’t understand the importance of pagespeed to Google.

Below are some of what you get if you pay this SEO business for an affordable SEO service:

Update plugins on setup day only – protect against hackers

This is an SEO service with value, though not much value for a one off update. Problems with this is an assumption the SEO client site has plugins: they are assuming you are running WordPress.

Sadly the affordable SEO business doesn’t follow their own WordPress security advice, they are running a very old version of Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO Premium plugin v9.2.1 Release Date: November 20th, 2018.

Since Yoast released v9.2.1 it’s been updated no fewer than 46 times (accurate as of April 2020)!!! There’s at least 2 security issues updated during those 46 updates this cheap SEO firm has missed!

Meta tags, titles, keywords, description

There is SEO value in optimising title tags and writing good meta description tags, but there is ZERO SEO value in the keywords meta tags.

This tells me the person who wrote the list of affordable (worthless) services doesn’t understand SEO in 2020: Google has NEVER used the keywords meta tag as a ranking factor.

Search engine submissions like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more

Run away now, search engine submission services are completely worthless. If an affordable SEO service includes a search engine submission service you know they are selling SEO snake oil.

Do NOT waste your time with any business which offers search engine submission services!

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