Pimlico Plumbers Website

Pimlico Plumbers Website

Pimlico Plumbers Ltd (company number 02012715) are a London based plumbing business established in 1979 by the current managing director Charlie Mullins.

Their last financial statement for the year ending May 2018 shows a profit just shy of £3.4M from a turnover of almost £43.4M: that’s a lot of blocked London toilets!

A solid profitable UK business employing over 440 workers.

Pimlico Plumbers Services

  • London Plumbing Services
  • London Heating Services
  • London Drains Services
  • London Bathrooms
  • London Electrics
  • London Appliances
  • London Carpentry Services
  • London Air Con Services
  • London Roofing Services
  • London Building Services
  • London Commercial Services

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