Pimlico Plumbers SEO Title Tag Mistake

Pimlico Plumbers SEO Title Tag Mistake

Search Google for Pimlico Plumbers and look at the title of the first result (it’s Pimlico Plumbers homepage). Google doesn’t always use a webpages title tag and that’s the case here.

Pimlico’s actual title tag:

<title>Pimlico | London's Leading Service & Maintenance Company | 1 Hour Response | 24/7/365 | Pimlico Plumbers</title>

What Google has chosen for a title.

Pimlico Plumbers: Pimlico | London’s Leading Service…

Does that title scream click me, I’ll provide what you are looking for?

Google have taken the brand name Pimlico Plumbers and appended it to the START of the actual title tag and since Google truncates long titles, it’s cut the title after London’s Leading Service.

The result is a poor Google title, for starters “London’s Leading Service” isn’t a SERP worth targeting on the homepage (has no traffic) and isn’t specific enough to mean anything. “London’s Leading Service” could cover anything from escorts, financial services, food delivery, property maintenance services etc…

This part of the title tag “& Maintenance Company | 1 Hour Response | 24/7/365” is pointless, Google doesn’t show it on SERPs and you have to hoverover the title tag area in a browser window (Firefox or Chrome) to even see it as a hoverover browser title.

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