Pingdom Content Size and Requests Checks

Pingdom Content Size and Requests Checks

To find out how many resources a webpage accesses there are free tools like Pingdom, WebPage Test and GTmetrix which can breakdown how a webpage is ‘built’.

You can see in the Pingdom screenshot the NYC Bagel Deli Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Product page (where a customer orders the sandwich) it’s a huge number of resources!

A customer accessing this NYC Bagel Deli Product page on a mobile device on a slow internet connection has to download 265 resources (files) using over 8,000KBs (8MBs) of data!!!

To put this into perspective, the same Pingdom test indicates the SEO Gold Home Page downloads 9 resources (files) using 118KB of data.

I’m a technical SEO expert and consider pagespeed as extremely important, so my results aren’t average, still 265 resources and 8MBs of data is a LOT and can be improved significantly without losing website features.

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