Slow Loading Webpages Due to Large Resources

Slow Loading Webpages Due to Large Resources

You can see in the combined screenshot above on the SEO Gold home page resources (just over 300KB) and the Montiel home page resources (over 3,000KB) side by side. Note: I manually downloaded the 10 slider images from the Montiel site so more files where shown.

The largest single file “0c7f16a4dfc136bc6e9169a9bd97d2400e934703.js” from the Montiel site alone is over 2x larger than ALL the SEO Gold files!

Yes, that one file is bigger than ALL the resources required to load the SEO Gold home page, that’s ridiculous!

Why is there a 774KB js file? It looks like it’s part of a Javascript app, I wonder what it does and why it needs to be so large??

The 10 slider images are ~2.1MBs, to put this into perspective the SEO Gold home page includes 13 images and totals 215KB when all are loaded.

The 10 Montiel images are 10x larger than the 13 SEO Gold images!

To download the entire Montiel home page which doesn’t do much uses over 5MBs of bandwidth: that’s why it’s taking 10 seconds to load!

Consider the difference on a mobile device on a slow network waiting for 5,000KBs of data to download just to view the Montiel home page vs 300KB for the SEO Gold home page (takes under 2 seconds).

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