Slow Loading Online Montiel Shop Review

Slow Loading Online Montiel Shop Review

The Montiel home page loading in 10 seconds is bad (it’s slow), but take a look at the online Montiel shop, the Montiel Bra section for example took almost 30 seconds to load when tested with Lighthouse!!!

The bra section of the Montiel shop lists 64 products which appear to all load at the same time: no lazy loading of images which means all the images try to download at the same time! That’s 128 images totaling almost 7,000KB of bandwidth (just for the images) every time a customer accesses that page!!!

The total bra page including all the huge js files (same ones loaded on the Montiel home page) brings the total to around 10,000KB (10MBs) of bandwith to download ONE webpage!!!


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