Montiel Teardrop Bra

Montiel Teardrop Bra

Also checked an individual product page (one of the Montiel bras, the Teardrop Bra) and it took just over 20 seconds to load.

Interestingly when I downloaded the bra product page to a PC there were 7MBs of files including 41 image files: this is a poorly thought out website design from a performance perspective.

The basic SEO (which I haven’t even covered due to the speed issues) are totally messed up as well, for example just look at the Montiel Teardrop Bra title tag, it’s not unique, it’s just the brand name (Montiel).

The title tag for that bra product page should be something like

Montiel Teardrop Bra – Montiel Actvewear

or even better

Teardrop Bra by Montiel Actvewear

I like the latter because it means we don’t use the brand name twice in the title tag.

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