Montiel Activewear Website Report

Montiel Activewear Website Report

You can see from the Montiel domains Lighthouse audit above it’s not particularly fast at over 10 seconds to load the home page.

Although 10 seconds is slow (we want it below 5 seconds), it is by no means extremely slow, many important websites take over 10 seconds to load because web designers in general do not design for speed!

Montiel does need speed improvements.

The big concern about the home page loading slowly (10 seconds) is there’s not much on the home page.

We have the image slider with 10 images and a handful of links to other parts of the site, there’s no reason for it to take 10 seconds.

The slow loading is probably due to the resources required (jQuery etc…) to power the images slider and the size of the images.

The images are BIG, 2,000px by 1,333px wide and over 200KB each.

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