meta name=robots content=index, nofollow

meta name="robots" content="index, nofollow"

The index, nofollow meta robots tag means:

Do index this webpage.
Do NOT follow the links to other webpages.

<meta name="robots" content="index, nofollow">

This meta robots tag is equal to:

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow">

You would use this robots meta tag on webpages you want Google to index, but do not want ANY of the links from the webpage (that includes all internal and all external links) to pass any link benefit (PageRank/PR).

In 15 years plus working in SEO I’ve never used a nofollow meta robots tag. The problem with nofollow is it deletes the link benefit (the PR) that would normally flow through the links! All your hard work gaining backlinks is wasted on a page with a nofollow robots meta tag!

There are few webpages on website where you might want to block Google from passing SEO benefit to ALL of them including ALL internal links: I can’t think of a single real world use.

If you must block SEO benefit from passing through links use rel=”nofollow” on those links directly. The rel=”nofollow” attribute also deletes link benefit/PR, but at least it’s one link at a time not ALL links: see the rel=”nofollow” tutorial for details.

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