For those who have managed to build a large Twitter following it’s a problem managing large numbers of Twitter followers, after you have 1,000 Twitter followers it’s impossible to keep track of the unfollowers.

It’s annoying managing Twitter, Twitter has no built in information about the quality of a user following you, when they started following you and if you aren’t already following them if you’ve followed and unfollowed them previously.

How To Do Mass Unfollow on Twitter
How To Do Mass Unfollow on Twitter

I have a Twitter follow policy of following back most (not all) Twitter users who follow first and unfollow (preferably mass unfollow) those who later unfollow my Twitter accounts.

What I want is a simple system to follow back Twitter accounts which have a profile image, have put the effort into writing a Twitter biography AND where I’ve never followed/unfollowed the account previously: this last part is important to me.

This is possible with the mass follow for Twitter option of the SuperPowers for Twitter Chrome extension or Firefox extension. What’s also possible with SuperPowers for Twitter is mass unfollowing thousands of Twitter accounts.

Mass Unfollow for Twitter

Unfollow Twitter Who Don't Follow You
Unfollow Twitter Who Don’t Follow You

You can see in the screenshot above the mass unfollow options are set to unfollow an account ever 0.5 seconds to 1.1 seconds and to unfollow Twitter accounts which haven’t followed back in 7 days. It’s also set to skip unfollowing Twitter users who are following back and to only unfollow accounts which were previously mass followed by the mass follow options of the Chrome extension.

With these mass unfollow settings it means you could manually follow Twitter users who don’t followback without the risk of the extension unfollowing them by mistake: there’s also an option for adding accounts NOT to mass unfollow, but it’s not really an option for hundreds of Twitter accounts.

Stop Twitter Follow/Unfollow Abusers

There are those who abuse mass unfollow Chrome extensions like SuperPowers for Twitter and Twitter PHP follow/unfollow scripts. If you’ve been using Twitter for even a year you’ll be well aware of annoying Twitter users who mass follow 1,000+ Twitter accounts and then mass unfollow them all a few days later: including the Twitter users who followed back!

That’s annoying, but what’s more annoying is when we realise they have unfollowed us and we unfollow them, they will again mass follow your Twitter account and we are caught in a pointless cycle of following/unfollowing/following/unfollowing/following/unfollowing/following… it’s REALLY ANNOYING and it wastes our time and a follow which could have been used on a Twitter user who doesn’t use abusive Twitter follow/unfollow churn techniques!

Remember we are limited to following between 400 and 1,000 Twitter users a day (the 1,000 limit is for verified Twitter users). Realistically we can’t follow anywhere near 400/1,000 Twitter accounts a day because it will get our Twitter accounts regularly locked/suspended from Twitter! I find following more than 200 Twitter accounts a day is a risk and if 10 of the 200 are abusive Twitter follow/unfollow churners I’m effectively only following 190 Twitter accounts a day!

The SuperPowers for Twitter Chrome extension can stop this annoying Twitter following/unfollowing cycle as long as you use the Chrome extension to mass follow back Twitter users who followed your account first.

It works like this:

1. A Twitter follow/unfollow abuser follows you, but you don’t know they are follow/unfollow abusers.

2. You follow the Twitter account back using the SuperPowers for Twitter mass follow option.

3. A few days later the Twitter follow/unfollow abuser you followed back unfollows you!

4. At regular intervals you use the SuperPowers for mass unfollow option to unfollow accounts not following back.

5. The Twitter follow/unfollow abuser follows you again sometime in the future.

6. You try to follow the Twitter follow/unfollow abuser back using the SuperPowers for Twitter mass follow option, BUT because the account has already been unfollowed by the SuperPowers mass unfollow option (see step 4.) the Chrome extension does NOT follow back a second time: the annoying following/unfollowing cycle is broken.

With the above technique the Twitter follow/unfollow abuser types can follow your account as many times as they like, but you will only ever follow and unfollow them once thanks to the SuperPowers for Twitter Chrome extension.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter
How to Unfollow Everyone on Twitter

It’s very easy to unfollow everyone on Twitter with the SuperPowers Chrome extension. Under the “Mass Unfollow” options “Untick” all options and set “Days followed” to 0.

Go to your Following page and click “Unfollow All”.

Twitter users could easily abuse the SuperPowers for Twitter mass unfollow options, it can be set to unfollow all Twitter users including those who are following back.

I suggest you don’t use it that way unless you are simply clearing out all your followers for a very good reason: be aware if you mass unfollow ALL your Twitter followers a lot of them will unfollow you.

In my experience Twitter eventually suspends/bans Twitter users who use aggressive follow/unfollow techniques, so if you care about your Twitter account I suggest you don’t risk it. I’ve seen Twitter accounts with over 20,000 followers banned from Twitter for abusing follow/unfollow, all that hard work lost!

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