Superpowers for Twitter Mass Follow

Superpowers for Twitter Mass Follow

When setup correctly Superpowers for Twitter will from one click of a button follow up to 50 Twitter accounts over a varied period of time whilst limiting the types of accounts followed.

For example I tend to set the mass follow Twitter extension options to follow 20 Twitter accounts, following one account roughly every 1.5 seconds (there’s an option to vary the interval), whilst NOT following accounts previously followed and NOT following accounts without a profile image or biography.

You can see in the screenshot Superpowers for Twitter has followed 11 out of 20 Twitter accounts (9 more to go) and the extension skipped following accounts without a biography or profile image.

If say a couple of weeks from now some of the accounts followed by Superpowers for Twitter have unfollowed this account and I’ve used the mass unfollow option to unfollow them, during future mass follows those unfollowed accounts will NOT be followed by Superpowers for Twitter again.

That means those annoying Twitter churners who follow then unfollow when you followback, will only be followed once by the Superpowers for Twitter extension. You won’t keep refollowing them.

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