Title Tag SEO and Branding Mistake

Title Tag SEO and Branding Mistake

The SEO mistake by the webmaster is in the websites title tag format. The title tag SEO wise is VERY important, get it wrong and it can decimate your potential Google rankings (less search engine traffic).

What they have done is add ” | marcuslemonis” to the end of the title tag rather than ” | Marcus Lemonis”.

The domain uses Shopify and runs under the Shopify theme Mobilia v3.4 (costs $180).

I checked out the Mobilia themes demo and it looks possible to change ” | marcuslemonis” to ” | Marcus Lemonis”, so it’s a webmaster mistake.

This might not look like a big deal, but Google doesn’t know “marcuslemonis” is meant to mean “Marcus Lemonis”.

Google guesses when it’s users makes typos when making Google searches, but it doesn’t treat a typo on a webpage as what it was meant to mean. SEO wise this means there’s a word added to most title tags which doesn’t benefit Google rankings, in fact damages them slightly: every word used, uses title tag ranking benefit.

Using “marcuslemonis” rather than “Marcus Lemonis” also damages the brand, how is someone not familiar with “Marcus Lemonis” supposed to know “marcuslemonis” means “Marcus Lemonis”?

It could mean “marc us lemon is”.

Update: the title tag format mistake has since been fixed.

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