Thor Freedom Elite

Thor Freedom Elite

The Thor Freedom Elite RV is one of the most popular recreational vehicles (RVs) sold on the RV section of the Camping World website.

The Thor Freedom Elite is a really nice looking RV, do they deliver to the UK :-)

Let’s quickly review the Thor Freedom Elite sales page.

On that section of the RV camping site they are trying to sell over 800 Thor Freedom Elite RVs, each costs ~$50,000, so there’s over forty million dollars in potential sales under this section alone!

Minor performance SEO improvements could result in a crap load of extra money.

For example a slow loading website costs visitors, especially mobile users, taking a few seconds off the webpage loading time could be the difference between a visitor giving up and going to a competitor vs spending £50,000 on an RV.

Let’s look at the main Thor Freedom Elite sales page in Lighthouse, the results are POOR! For the price of a Thor Freedom Elite Camping World could hire an amazing technical SEO expert like me to advise them how to fix these technical SEO website mistakes and make millions more in RV sales.

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