Mobile User Unfriendly Carousel Slider

Mobile User Unfriendly Carousel Slider

The image slider has 38 image links to internal webpages and on a Desktop device the links scroll quite slowly: looks like it scrolls slower than 1 link per 2 seconds!

A visitor can’t quickly scan through the 38 links for a business name they might be looking for: to use this carousel to visit a webpage the visitor might have to wait over 60 seconds for the link to scroll by (could miss it) and there’s no simple text link based alternative, they have to wait!

If visiting with a mobile device the links don’t auto scroll, users have to tap an arrow to scroll through them one by one, to find the right link could take 38 taps!!!

The carousel feature is there to look good (it’s flashy), but it’s not user friendly or functional, it’s the equivalent of having marble artwork in a car showroom, might look nice, but it’s useless and adds no value to the business.

A good webmaster who cares about SEO performance and user experience would never add this feature.

A drop down menu with text links or the image links in categorized blocks (similar to Pinterest) would make far more sense and wouldn’t require all that SEO performance killing jQuery scripts.

Update: The above feature has since been removed from the Marcus Lemonis website.

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