Lighthouse Thor Freedom Elite Reviews

Lighthouse Thor Freedom Elite Reviews

There’s a LOT of money to made in Thor Freedom Elite sales, so the webpages (close to 1,000 of them) should load super fast and be fully SEO’d, they should also be fully indexed in Google.

They aren’t all indexed in Google, it looks like Google has indexed only 273 pages under the URL structure “” and I didn’t see the 82 store pages listing the 820ish RVs for sale or the 820ish RV sales pages!

What was indexed are hundreds of Thor Freedom Elite dealer pages under the URL structure ““.

Each individual Freedom Elite RV sales page has major self inflicted SEO problems in how Google is indexing them: really bad self inflicted SEO mistake!

This was meant to be a quick review of one webpage :-) Let’s look at the main Thor Freedom Elite sales page in Lighthouse, the results are POOR!

Like we saw with the Marcus Lemonis Website Lighthouse Results the Performance is poor, takes almost 12 seconds to load for similar reasons why the Marcus Lemonis Website loads just as slowly.

It’s the usual reasons for loading slow, for example 2 seconds on CSS/JS scripts, almost 1 second for oversized images, the sort of issues which can be resolved over time.

What was interesting is “first meaningful paint” was at around 5 seconds and it’s caused by “significant main thread work at”: this is the time it takes to process scripts (JS/CSS) before the webpage starts to load.

To put this into perspective articles on this site have a first meaningful paint of under 1.5 seconds. It’s those flashy jQuery features again.

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