Landing Page Title Tag SEO Mistake

Landing Page Title Tag SEO Mistake

The Marcus Lemonis website has had a big makeover including a new Home page landing page, unfortunately the webmaster has literally given the new Home page landing page the title tag “Landing Page – Marcus Lemonis“!

The home page title tag is now:

Landing Page – Marcus Lemonis

“Landing Page” isn’t a keyphrase and has no value to the user, it’s a mistake: a small error by a webmaster and the title tag SEO of a webpage can be ruined!

“Landing Page” is NOT a SERP Marcus Lemonis would be targeting!

What’s probably happened is the webmaster created a new Landing Page template for the home page and didn’t realise they’d added the wrong title tag.

The home page title tag would be better as just:

Marcus Lemonis

It’s an easy mistake to make and very easy to fix, a true SEO expert wouldn’t make this types of error, I assume Marcus Lemonis doesn’t have an SEO expert working for him and this is a web designer/webmaster who doesn’t know much SEO: to be fair, SEO isn’t a web designer/webmasters core job, same as web design isn’t my job. I’m not very good at web design, I make ugly looking sites with awesome SEO.

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