Google Automatically Adds Brand Name to Titles

Google Automatically Adds Brand Name to Titles

Take a look at this Google site: search:


It’s my newest domain, as you can see the brand is “S4S Coding” and many of the webpages indexed by Google have the title tag format:

Article Name – S4S Coding

But if you check the webpages HTML code you will NOT find ” – S4S Coding” in the title tags HTML code, Google is automatically adding it to MOST (not all) webpages.

Google knows the sites name (the brand name) is S4S Coding, so there’s no need for me to add it to the title tags.

For example this article Adding Machine Learning Blocks to Snap! is indexed by Google and Google has the title:

Adding Machine Learning Blocks to Snap! - S4S Coding

But the the actual title tag HTML code is:

<title>Adding Machine Learning Blocks to Snap!</title>

Google will automatically brand a domain IF it can work out what the brand is (it’s not difficult to achieve this).

The SEO benefit of this is you aren’t spending valuable SEO title tag benefit on your brand name site wide.

If it’s your brand name it shouldn’t need adding to the end of every webpages title tag for the site to rank for brand SERPs.

If you are targeting another brand or you are struggling to rank for your own brand it’s worth considering adding it to title tags.

In title tag terms for many sites the brand name should be center stage on the Home page and pages like the About and Contact pages, but not on individual Articles or Products UNLESS the product and brand are linked: PUMA Trainers for example.

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