Comment on Making Money Online with Thin Affiliate Sites by Ken Evoy.

Let me pose a question: Can SEO Help With Affiliate Marketing?

It is for certain without any second thoughts on my mind I would say SEO definitely does help with affiliate marketing. But as far as I have seen the majority of the affiliate marketers I know don’t have any patience to build a website and develop it organically following the search engine optimization methods, honestly they don’t have time and also they don’t have the patience to get in to optimizing a website and benefit through it, instead they prefer to use AdWords and setup a fairly simple landing page where they will use auto responders and redirect their visitors to the product page.

So the majority of the affiliate marketers tend to use AdWords (or similar), reason is with Adwords the results are almost instantaneous which is not the case with SEO. But there are also few affiliate marketers who do not rush to see the results rather spend time building a strong base for their market and develop a website or blog based on the niche they want to focus on and try to bring traffic to their site from search engines by implementing many SEO techniques.

Also optimizing a site around a niche in search engines demands a lot of work, time and money from the marketer side the benefits they can reap through their efforts are really long lasting and in some cases I can say the results through them are ever lasting.

When you see your pages rank one in Google for many keyword terms which converts it means you have the edge over others in the market, there is a high chance where people who want to promote their product will try to contact you directly and also you can choose any products of your choice and promote them in your site and start to make good amount of money from it.

If you are patient enough to develop a site around your niche and the product you want to focus on then SEO can help you a lot with your affiliate marketing in a long term basis for certain, provided you rank well for your keywords you focus on.

Good luck with your next affiliate marketing project no matter how you promote it.