WordPress has become an Internet phenomenon starting as a very good open source (free) blogging platform and slowing forming into a fully fledged content management system (CMS) that can run almost any type of website from simple blogs to fully fledged ecommerce solutions.

Making money through WordPress blogging has never been easier, it’s so easy to create WordPress Posts now even your Gran could use it.

10 Ways to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

  1. Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Blog
  2. Sell Ads Directly from Your WordPress Blog
  3. Sell Digital Software from Your WordPress Blog
  4. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  5. Sell Physical Products from your WordPress Blog
  6. Create an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress
  7. Sell a Service from Your WordPress Blog
  8. Sell Unique T-shirts from Your Blog
  9. Get Paid to Write Product Reviews on Your Blog

There’s loads of other ways to make money online using WordPress.

Recent data suggests 35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress, think about it, 35 out of every 100 new active domains are running WordPress!

That’s a LOT of people just like you who have realized WordPress is a brilliant web authoring tool, makes generating a blog or almost any type of website easy, so easy even your Gran can use it and WordPress is free.

WordPress Blogs are Awesome for Making Money

WordPress is so easy to use it’s become the platform of choice for making money online by blogging, many of the top Internet marketers: probloggers, some make millions of dollars a year online use WordPress for their main websites.

How Probloggers Make Money Blogging
How Probloggers Make Money Blogging

That list of bloggers making money online via WordPress blogs include me, the website you are reading now is a WordPress blog, it’s one of dozens of WordPress blogs I own and many include AdSense ads, that’s one of the many ways I’ve used WordPress to monetize my network of WordPress blogs.

AdSense has been one of my go to ad platforms to make money with a WordPress Blog.

With WordPress you create the content which is as easy as typing an email or a message on Facebook while WordPress manages everything else behind the scenes cutting out many of the hard steps in making a website.

From adding text content, video content, images it’s all just a few mouse clicks away, no creating hard to understand HTML templates with tools like Dreamweaver (I started that way!): search Google for “How to Create a Website with Dreamweaver CS3” and check a few of the make a website tutorials and wonder why it used to be so hard to create a great looking website!!!

Do a similar Google search for WordPress: “How to Create a Website with WordPress” and read a few WordPress tutorials and you’ll see the steps are so much easier. Many hosting providers even install WordPress as part of the hosting package, you don’t even have to understand how to FTP etc… anymore.

I couldn’t imagine being new to building websites and trying to create a great looking website with a software tool like Dreamweaver AND trying to monetize the website with AdSense or another advertising program!

Make Money with Free Search Engine Traffic

The Google Analytics screenshot below shows 6 months traffic for one of my websites.

Free Google Traffic
Free Google Traffic

As you can see in January the domain received no traffic (had no content and no backlinks). In February I started to add content to WordPress, over the next 6 months the websites went from no content to around 200 WordPress articles. June 18th was the best day with closing on 500 visitors a day: if that level of free Google traffic is stable it’s over 150,000 visitors a year for free.

The #1 way to get free traffic online is of course from the search engine Google and this is where WordPress fails on some very important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) points.

Make Money from Twitter
Make Money from Twitter

WordPress out the box is NOT a fully fledged WordPress SEO CMS, it’s OK SEO wise (better than almost every other ways to create a website), but we don’t want SEO OK, we want SEO AWESOME and that’s where the Stallion Responsive Theme takes my WordPress blogging to the next level in both SEO and monetization: not much point owning a blog if it doesn’t make any money.

Stallion Responsive is the best WordPress SEO theme online (I used to sell it, now I only update it for my use), multiple SEO plugins built in (no need for WP SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO or All In One SEO Pack).

I no longer sell WordPress SEO themes, I do however offer the SEO knowledge and skills I’ve acquired over the past 20 years to my SEO clients, maybe one day you’ll be one of them.

David Law

David Law : Technical SEO Expert with 20+ years Online Business, SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing experience... Creator of multiple WordPress SEO Themes and SEO Plugins. Interests: wildlife, walking, environmental issues, politics, economics, journalism, consumer rights.

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