Skegness Apartments Review

Skegness Apartments Review

As you can see from the screenshot from 2014 the Skegness Apartments website had a very old, out of date website design that wasn’t doing them any favours with potential holiday makers looking to rent a holiday flat in Skegness.

As I update this article in January 2020 the website has a new more up to date webdesign, though it has a very limited design.

Rather than upgrading to a CMS like WordPress, Skegness Apartments opted for another custom design which lacks Google Maps and Google Reviews integration: Skegness Apartments has some good Google reviews as well.

They are leaving a lot of potential Skegness relevant traffic on the table by not building a reasonable size website.

The site only has 9 webpages and the title tags are poorly SEO’d.

Below are all 9 title tags:

  • Skegness Apartments – Self Catering Holidays in Skegness
  • Avon Holiday Apartments in Skegness
  • Boulevard Apartments in Skegness
  • Skegness Apartments
  • Prices for Self Catering Holiday in Skegness at Avon …
  • Bookings – Skegness Apartments
  • Prices for Self Catering Holiday in Skegness at Avon …
  • [PDF]Avon Apartments Booking Form IMPORTANT Cancellation …
  • [PDF]Boulevard Apartments Booking Form IMPORTANT …

At best the site is targeting these Skegness SERPs:

Skegness Apartments
Avon Holiday Apartments in Skegness
Self Catering Holidays in Skegness
Holiday Apartments in Skegness
Apartments in Skegness

This is really poor SERP targeting.

Below is a list of 25 phrases suggested when searching for Skegness Apartments, the bold ones should be targeted by this website.

Keyword – Search Volume
Butlins Skegness Gold Apartments – 390
Butlins Skegness Apartments – 320
Butlins Skegness Gold Apartment – 320
Skegness Apartments – 320
Butlins Skegness Silver Apartment – 210
Skegness Holiday Apartments – 210
Butlins Skegness Seaside Apartments – 140
Butlins Apartments Skegness – 110
Butlins Gold Apartment Skegness – 110
Seaside Apartments Butlins Skegness – 110
Butlins Skegness Gold Apartments Map – 90
Butlins Skegness Map Of Apartments – 90
Pier View Apartments Skegness – 90
Apartments To Rent In Skegness – 70
Butlins Standard Apartment Skegness – 50
Coasters Hotel And Holiday Apartments Skegness – 50
Fairground Apartments Skegness Reviews – 50
New Style Silver Apartments Butlins Skegness – 50
Quality Holiday Apartments Skegness – 50
Butlins Skegness Apartments Silver – 40
Coasters Hotel And Apartments Skegness – 40
Coasters Hotel Apartments Skegness – 40
Court Royal Holiday Apartments Skegness – 40
Glenwood Holiday Apartments Skegness – 40
Avon Apartments Skegness – 30

Personally I’d also target the Butlins relevant keyphrases, looking on Google Reviews for Avon Apartments Skegness has mostly good reviews (most are 5/5), I’d be comparing Avon Apartments to Butlins Apartments via a comparison article.

Why would a holiday maker rent an Avon apartment over a Butlins apartment?

Good service?

This is how you take advantage of your competitors potential customers. Remember, no one ‘owns’ a search phrase, if you want Butlins customers, write some articles targeting Butlins customers and convince them to use your service instead of Butlins.

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