Skegness Apartments Visitors

Skegness Apartments Visitors

According to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool the keyphrase “Skegness Apartments” generates around 110 visitors a month (that’s not a lot). 2014 data.

It would be difficult to run a successful Skegness business on 110 search engine visitors a month (and one site won’t get ALL the visitors).

For small local businesses like Skegness Apartments they have to target many more low traffic SERPs like:

Keyword – Search Volume
Butlins Skegness Gold Apartments – 390
Butlins Skegness Apartments – 320
Butlins Skegness Gold Apartment – 320
Skegness Apartments – 320
Butlins Skegness Silver Apartment – 210
Skegness Holiday Apartments – 210
Butlins Skegness Seaside Apartments – 140
Butlins Apartments Skegness – 110
Butlins Gold Apartment Skegness – 110
Seaside Apartments Butlins Skegness – 110
Butlins Skegness Gold Apartments Map – 90
Butlins Skegness Map Of Apartments – 90
Pier View Apartments Skegness – 90
Apartments To Rent In Skegness – 70
Butlins Standard Apartment Skegness – 50
Coasters Hotel And Holiday Apartments Skegness – 50
Fairground Apartments Skegness Reviews – 50
New Style Silver Apartments Butlins Skegness – 50
Quality Holiday Apartments Skegness – 50
Butlins Skegness Apartments Silver – 40
Coasters Hotel And Apartments Skegness – 40
Coasters Hotel Apartments Skegness – 40
Court Royal Holiday Apartments Skegness – 40
Glenwood Holiday Apartments Skegness – 40
Avon Apartments Skegness – 30

Ones in bold are directly related to Skegness Apartments without targeting a competitors SERPs.

If a small local business wants RELEVANT traffic it makes sense to target a competitors SERPs. Butlins is a well know holiday vacation spot in Skegness, the Skegness Apartments business website could acquire some Butlins relevant Google traffic by writing comparison articles.

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