Duplicate Title Tags

Duplicate Title Tags

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For one of my sites (in 2014) Google Search Console reports 82 duplicate title tags, that might sound a lot, but because I use the Stallion Responsive Theme SEO Super Comments feature which turns user comments into search engine indexable webpages most of the duplicates are from the SEO super comments.

As I write this article (June 2014) the site has 170 published posts and pages, yet over 3,000 pages indexed in Google (site:stallion-theme.co.uk) and most of them are SEO super comments (the site had around 2,500 user comments), so eighty odd duplicates out of over 3,000 indexed pages isn’t bad (only about 30 with duplicate title tags).

There’s an easy SEO solution to duplicate title tags, edit the webpages with duplicate title tags one by one and set unique title tags.

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